Meet Your Instructor

Jeff Creel


Certified Flight Instructor
Commercial Pilot
Certified to teach: Sport, Private, Commercial, and flight instructor applicants. Will also do spin certifications for instructor applicants.

Places you've been?

Every state east of Mississippi.


Where are you from?

Fort Payne, Alabama


2500+ Hours Flown
Over 1000 hrs of flight Instruction.
20,000+ Landings

 Jeff Creel:

 Jeff has been a pilot for over 27 years. He has had a love for flying since the age of 10 years old. When he was younger, his neighbor had a plane and took him up, he has been in love with flying since that day. Throughout his aviation career, Creel has gained his commercial pilot license, he is certified to teach sport, private, commercial, and flight instructor applicants, he is also a certified flight instructor, and does spin certification training for flight instructor applicants. He spends most of his days at the Fort Payne Municipal Airport (Isbell Field) teaching students how to fly a plane. Creel owns a single engine, two-seater Cessna 150. 

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